London to run first all-night underground trains for 150 years

London was on Friday, set to start the first all-night underground rail services for 150 years.

Analysts forecast that the move could add tens of millions of pounds annually to the city’s economy.

A report from London said that the night services on the London Underground, popularly known as the Tube, would begin on two lines.

It noted the lines as the 74-kilometre East-West Central Line and the 21-kilometre Victoria Line, which snakes through central London from Brixton in the south-west to Walthamstow in the north-east.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has expressed his pleasure toward the system.

“I’m really pleased and proud that today the Night Tube is here,’’ he said.

Khan said that passengers on the Night Tube must be able to travel with the same confidence they were used to during the day.

“That’s why we’re investing 3.4 million pounds to ensure that dedicated officers are on hand to offer the support and visible reassurance Londoners expect.

The financial analysts predicted that the new services could boost the city’s economy by up to 77 million pounds annually and support tens of thousands of new jobs by 2029.

“At a time of economic uncertainty particularly following the Brexit vote – this is a welcome boost to London’s economy,’’ Khan said.

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